Fake Lashes

Eyelash Serum

For today’s DIY beauty post I want to discuss eyelashes. Lately, everyone is getting eyelash extensions and I wish I had the time to get them done. I was talking with a friend today who applies them and she was telling me that the maintenance is time consuming and since I have zero time these days, this will have to do. I went to Amazon and picked up some castor oil and almond oil and some mascara tubes. I also added some Lavender Essential Oil and boom all done. I am also going to use it on my eyebrows since they are bit sparse lately…. I’ll keep you posted!

Are there any DIY items you want me to make and try? I don’t mine being the guinea pig.

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Thursday’s Tea


Is it me or are the days becoming more difficult? I don’t think it is from the snow, I know it is and from everything else that has been happening and been thrust upon our shoulders, January is just a gloomy month. All I know is lately I have been drawn to chamomile. I made last night’s bath salts with chamomile flowers and powder for a soothing bath and I had a cup of chamomile tea. I never liked it before because it tastes like honey to me and I am not a fan of honey. This morning I woke up with a sore throat and had another two cups today in addition to some green tea with honey and lemon, so I figured I would show you the brand of tea that I am loving up on and ask you to let me know what you are loving during this long strange winter.

One of my favorite brands of tea and coffee is Equal Exchange. It is fair trade and some products are organic. They also make some amazing chocolate. Anyhow, if you want some yummy organic teas, coffees and other goodies, check this brand out.

What brand(s) would you never cheat on?

There’s Beauty in Everyone,


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Hump-day beauty ritual

That sounds so wrong, but if it is wrong, I don’t want to be right…


It has been so long since I did a face mask I can’t even remember when the last time was. I am so stressed out lately with grad school and the weather and feeling like crap that I really wanted to take a few hours for myself yesterday. I mixed up my favorite Bentonite and Apple Cider Vinegar mask and put on the “smelly” mask as Mouse calls it. Oh, did it feel amazing to have my face pulsing and tightening. While I was face masking, I did the obligatory hair mask. In related news, I do not remember the last time I did a hair mask. 2 birds, eh. Anyway, then I had ordered some amazing extra large “tea balls” from Amazon. It fit two large scoops of my chamomile rosehips salt and magnesium mix and wow, let me tell you. That was a great bath.


By the end of the bath a tiny amount of the mixture was left. I had a relaxing time. My face pulsed, my hair was conditioned and I was able to relax.


Going to have some chamomile tea and hit the sheets. I am down for the count.

Who doesn’t love a good relaxing bath?

There’s Beauty in Everyone,

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Blizzard Day Beauty




As you all know this past weekend we were hit with a crazy storm. There is only so much you can do when you are stuck in the house with your husband, five year old and barky chihuahua. We napped and relaxed and watched a movie, but in the end I wanted to create something. I decided to tackle two recipes I have been saving for a while. I wanted to make shea butter and bees wax hand lotion and Mazie wanted to make peppermint hand soap. I went to my trusty Pinterest account and one of my favorite Oily Blogs, Overthrow Martha. Sherri has amazing recipes that she comes up with and finds on some other amazing oily blogs also. On A Delightful Home I found a pretty easy hand lotion recipe. I used lavender oil and the only thing I didn’t have was Vitamin E oil. I usually use it in my face wash, so that is probably why it ran out, so I have to add that to my shopping list. I used a cup of bees wax pellets and doubled the rest of the recipe. I threw all of the ingredients except the essential oil into the crock pot and kept checking on it and stirring it. It was a slow and soothing process for me, I have been needing to make things lately. My creative side is coming through. Anyway, when it was all melted, I turned it off and added the lavender oil. It smelled SO DELICIOUS. My daughter couldn’t keep away. I poured it into two 8 oz. canning jars because I didn’t have the smaller 4 oz. jars. It solidified and smells great. It is a bit thick for me, I am not a fan of shea, but let me tell you, it makes my hands so soft when I use it. You need to scrape it out a bit with your nail, but it is so worth it. I have shared a bit with my friends this week at work and they are loving it. I just got the 4oz jars and I will be trying some more oil mixes this weekend. I love lavender because it smells so great and being a teacher and washing my hands all day long, I need something soothing that will also help keep me calm.

What other DIY recipes do you want me to post?

There’s Beauty in Everyone,


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Oily Lady

Beautiful image of lavender field Summer sunset landscape with single tree on horizon with sunburst
Beautiful image of lavender field Summer sunset landscape with single tree on horizon with sunburst

Since I started my oily journey over a year ago, things have gone pretty nicely. The house always smells great, we use them for cleaning and we have been supporting our immune systems nicely and have felt pretty good! Of course, as I started penning this post, the princess came down with the sniffles. We all take our vitamins every day and she takes elderberry to support her immune system, but we were out shoveling in the blizzard yesterday and it was a matter of time. To support her immune system last night and soothe her cough, she took some honey and I diffused some RC in her humidifier. She breathed it in during the night and today as well. She had a snow day today, so she was home with her daddy and was oiled up and medicated and treated with daddy’s chicken soup.

Currently I am on a diffusing kick of Thieves and Peppermint. It’s just the right amount of spice for my liking and it is generally keeping us healthy, but you know, germs can sneak through the best of remedies.

If you are interested in joining Young Living, ask me all about it. Drop me a comment or a question and we can chat. You don’t have to resell it, you can join my team and have these amazing oils at a discount for your own Natural Healing Medicine Cabinet.

There’s Beauty in Everyone,


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Discovery and Finding Myself

So, it has been AGESSSSSS since I have posted a blog. I have thoughts in my head all the time, but you see there have been big changes here since I last posted. First, life got busy. Things at work were, let’s say less than happy. I had an epiphany and was encouraged by a friend to go back to school to become an administrator. My husband and I talked a lot about it. And I tortured my friends with the subject and I went back to school in June. It was a long summer full of missing Saturdays and writing papers and intense work, but I am halfway through right now. I have had 22 sessions and I have 8 to go, but then I was convinced to take another two cycles so that has brought my number to 18. I will be done June 25 and I cannot wait!

All in all, 2015 was a year of major self study and discover. I pushed myself harder than I ever did and continue to do so. I have rediscovered many practices that keep me calm and grounded, which when you have a full time job, are in school full time, are doing your internship and are a wife and mom on top of it all, you need some down time. Most times by the time my daughter is in bed and I am sitting down to read a chapter of my text book, I am falling asleep on my laptop, so needless to say the blog has gone by the wayside, and that saddens me. I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook, but this forum has been quiet. I am going to try and make amends with that this year.

There’s Beauty in Everyone,


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Dry Skin Formula

Cream in a Jar

My dad came over the other day and was complaining about the skin on his back being so dry. He also has really dry hands, we both do.. my back and hands and my legs from this winter is really doing a number on me, so I went to the Oily boards and asked what everyone uses and the common answer was Lavender in a Coconut base with Melrose and Frankincense. I mixed it up with fractioned coconut oil and regular coconut oil to give it a creamier base and voila. His back is MUCH better. I use it at night on my hands and it is really helping me. I’m also using a mixture for my nails, but that will come in another post.

How did you soothe your skin this winter? Did you use any special remedies, old wives’ magic, or voodoo as my daughter calls it?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Clean Skin


So, part of my green living journey is trying to get my skin in some sort of order. In addition to the stuff you put in your body, you need to pay attention to the stuff that goes on your skin, so I decided to try the oil cleansing method. Having read about it years ago, I thought I would revisit it. My skin isn’t changing, it’s been the same for a while but it’s dull and I am starting to wrinkle. What can I possibly lose by trying to add some oil to my skin. The theory behind it is that oil dissolves oil, but you have to find the right oil combo for your skin. I am working with pretty oily skin now, so I went to the Oil Cleansing Method website and read up on it. For me, this is the recipe Oily Skin: Try a blend of 30% Castor Oil to 70% Sunflower Seed Oil…but I read that you can use Olive Oil as a carrier oil, so I tried that. So far, my skin is drier and I heard that is a possibility, but then I moisturize it with Apricot Kernel oil and frankincense oil. It seems to be working pretty well and I wish I had taken a picture of my skin before hand. My skin seems smoother and brighter and plumper. The oils dissolve pretty well and leave me feeling refreshed instead of weighed down. It is softer and even my husband is noticing the difference. I also notice I am needing less makeup, foundation, etc. Check out my Beauty Pinboard on Pinterest and you can see what other ideas I am toying with!

What other “offbeat” beauty ritual do you have? What would you be willing to try?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Fancy Pants

Everything is coming up Spring! We are *finally* on a warming trend this week and it’s time for me to get my printed palazzo pants ready. This year, I am also embracing the print jogger much to the dismay of a few of my co-workers, but hey they’re comfy and if I can wear Fancy JOGGING pants to work, then so be it. Here are some of my favorite prints. I am so drawn to the yellow floral print from Macy’s and I have no idea why .. I am normally not a yellow kind of girl.. so here you go and let me know if there are any that tickle your Spring Fancy!

There’s Beauty in Everyone…


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International Women’s Day




The other day, a friend of mine and I were talking and we wound up on the topic of body image. It is an interesting time, for sure, to be raising girls and we are in a society where body image is always in the headlines, you are either too fat or too thin too tall or too short, your hair is too curly or too straight. Everyone deserves to be respected and everyone deserves to feel beautiful. It’s our Tag ling here at Mazie’s Method and I really believe that. I also think it is our jobs as mothers and fathers to little girls to show them that everyone is beautiful and to have respect for what people look like. The other day I was changing and my daughter patted my belly and said, “EWWW…” I reminded her, as I have done in the past, that the belly she just said that to was her original home and that she should know that’s where I kept her safe and warm and that is where she was able to grow. I will never be a swimsuit model, which is fine with me, I am not one for the cameras, but I will tell you this… my daughter will respect people no matter what they look like and she will realize that everyone is beautiful. If I teach her nothing else, that is the one mission I will try my hardest to accomplish.

Happy International Women’s Day…
Here’s to BEAUTIFUL women,
May we know them,
May we be them,
May we RAISE them…

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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