Snazzy Sneakers

Rose Gold New Balance
I don’t know what has come over me lately, but I am having a moment with sneakers. Not athletic sneakers, fashion sneakers. I am not sure if it because my back has been killing me, and I want comfy alternatives and I am sick of boots, or because all the bloggers I follow are rocking these AMAZEBALLS sneakers. I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram. I love it because it is more frivolous than Facebook, but I hate it because it causes me to spend money. Anyhow, I spotted these amazing New Balance Metallic series on a blogger, wish I could remember who and I had to have them, LIKE HAD TO HAVE THEM. It wasn’t a how, or when it was an immediate obsession. I could NOT let them get away, so I looked around and went to my trusty Amazon, and snagged them. They are so cushy and I had them paired with dark blue rinsed jeggings and a plaid tunic. It was so absolutely snuggly, I forgot to take photos, bad Plus Size Blogger, but I will repeat the outfit, most definitely, and get a photo then. Another day on Instagram and I found these Reebok Classics in Baby Pink. Could you die? I can see them with like almost everything I own in my closet.

Next, I have my sights set on these New Balance x Kate Spade collab. To. Die. For. I need these. They are the perfect sneaker and have all my colors in one shoe, it’s like they were made for me!

What do you think? Are there any sneakers that are catching your eye lately?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Lovely Lemon

HH wallet

I have been on the hunt for a new wallet for about a year. The wallet I am using has a beautiful turn lock but the screws have started falling out. I cannot find them and fix it, and it has a favorite of mine. It is so large and has so many slots for all my store cards and my credit cards. It is so hard to find the perfect wallet. I have many, but they aren’t fitting the bill, wow no pun intended, so to speak anymore. I was researching my favorite Brooklyn Based Leather company, Hayden-Harnett. They have a beautiful lemon yellow wallet, which if any of you know me, I am not a yellow fan AT ALL, but this wallet calls to me. I can’t explain it. If you watch the video on the website, it shows this wallet has a gajillion pockets and that is so right up my alley. Now, all I have to do is get some funds together.

What kind of wallet do you use and like? Big or small, black, or white or colorful?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Once upon a time I had a baby.. I know.. totally new news for all of you.. but anyway at some point I switched to glass bottles for her. Everyone told me I was insane, BPA plastic was JUST FINE but something inside told me no, nothing can be totally “safe.” Anyway, at first she had some sort of glass bottle, I can’t remember which one it was, but then I came across Lifefactory. There were so many things I loved about these bottles and so I ordered two. They were heavy but lovely and the silicone covers really help when they are dropped and with a child they are dropped often. Anyway, out of four bottles and four years later we have three left. My husband and I have converted to using these awesome bottles for ourselves. In addition I started using the one cup storage container for my daughter’s school lunch.

lifefactory storage

I really adore these containers and they are really durable. I am thinking of slowly converting my lunch container over as well. What containers do you use for your lunch?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Pantry Organization


I will never be a great housewife, or a pinterest mom/wife, but I can organize pretty well. Every one in a while you need to do a deep cleaning and purge and today was the day for the Pantry. A while ago, I did the linen closet, which alas holds no linens, but a whole lot of other goodies and that worked out pretty well. This will be the second time we organized the pantry and just in time, too. Yesterday seemed like a pantry stock up day in Fairway. So last night when I was trying to put things away, I was being attacked by many things. We stopped and decided today we would organize. It still isn’t perfect, but it will do until such time I can convince the Mister that bins are needed to corral some of these items. He disagrees on the bins thing, but I will convince him one day…slowly but surely, he usually sees that I am correct… as most people do… Anyway… see what you think.. it is still a work in progress, but it is definitely coming along.

After 1

After 2

After 3

AFter 4

After 5

After 6

AFter 7

After 8

What do you think? Anyone organize anything on this nasty weather day?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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BJ Pajamas

I am a Pajama freak.. I love to have new snuggly soft pajamas, but I basically lounge in them, because I love to sleep in a night shirt. I will spend most of my day lounging in pajamas but then change into an old reliable nightshirt to sleep in. I get tangled with pants on .. I am weird. Anyway, I recently got the above pajamas in hot pink for a trip that I am trying to plan and I put them on right out of the box. SO. COMFORTABLE! I recommend them for you. If you love Betsey Johnson’s clothes, I personally love her pajamas, check out Nordstrom to see some of her goodies!

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Layering Like a Pro


One of my faithful readers posed a question to me today and asked me “How can I layer successfully in my workplace that has every climate imaginable?” I know this well because my job can range from a classroom that is 60 degrees to one that is 80 degrees. My go to outfits lately is leggings and a sweater dress or tunic. I add some knee boots and a scarf and off I go. I would usually add a long vest or a denim jacket under my regular winter coat since I never know how my classroom will be. It also depends on the time of the day and whether or not it’s after a vacation. If the building hasn’t been used it is normally freezing when you go back, so these would be some times when it would be useful to have an extra layer.

How do you layer for unpredictable climate?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Young Living

Blue Bottles

Recently, I have been looking into more ways to help keep my family healthy. I have spoken about dry brushing and spa night with a home made mask and now I have started toying with essential oils. I read about Thieves oil ages ago and then referred to two of my favorite Mamas who are into the green living and they also knew about it. They both also referred me to a company called Young Living. I looked into the starter kits and purchased the one with Thieves, which happened to come all with Thieves products and no diffuser. So, I tried the thieves and I fell in love. The best and worst part is that it happened to come on the tail of my daughter having the stomach virus and then my husband contracting it. So, I cleaned the house with the cleanser and I made hand sanitizer for myself, home made, yes I did and I also made some amazing bathroom anti-bacterical spray also. I am experimenting with a bunch of ideas at the moment with all my oils and I have already been asked to sell some of my products, so watch for that info to some out!

If you want to order some Young Living Essential Oils, please click the link and put in my code 2265379 for your sponsor. Order the starter kit, it should run about $150 and it is completely worth it, OR you can just wait until I open my line of beauty products and buy them from me!

There’s Beauty in Everyone,

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Semi-Annual Cyber Sidewalk Sale

The HOTTEST sale of the year is going on NOW! Save up to 66% in Kiyonna’s Semi Annual Cyber Sidewalk Sale featuring select separates for $30 and select dresses for $60!!

OFFER Save BIG with Kiyonna’s Semi Annual Cyber Sidewalk Sale $30 Separates & $60 Dresses
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DATES: January 1-6, 2015

Don’t Miss this awesome sale! Let me know what you score for yourself!

There’s Beauty in Everyone!

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New Year, New Me…


I have to tell you, I do not make Resolutions. I don’t believe in them. Sure, it is wonderful to change, and to make big statements about changing but I think if you truly want to change then you will do it and I don’t need a specific day on the calendar to tell me to do it. Anyhow, there are a few things I would like to do this year, such as lose more weight.. I have already lost 25 lbs due to juicing and taking vitamins and starting to be a bit healthier. I want to be healthy for my daughter and as she gets older, I worry about something happening and leaving her without a mommy. I know that is a depressing thought, but these are the things I think. I want to wear lipstick on a regular basis, which I started a few weeks ago. It is something I would like to continue. I want to continue to cultivate my style and my “uniform”. Lately, I am really embracing the leggings or “teggings” (Trouser-leggings) and tunics. That is where I am these days with what I want to wear. Tunics and leggings and scarves and knee high boots.

So, hopefully this year, I will be wearing more leggings, teggings and jeggings, tunics and scarves, lipstick and gradually I will lose weight.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you make any? Why or why not?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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