Office Space Update

Once you get the redecorating bug it is really hard to leave things as they are. My office is currently a cool mint green with all ivory furniture, but it is time for an update. It also serves as the mudroom and front entrance of the house. The floors are also an ivory and I am not too sure why I would do that to a mudroom, anyway. I was feeling a warm “Greek” blue for my one wall when you come into the office, but that was vetoed by my husband so I started thinking what would capture my (our family’s) personality, be a great color when you walk into our house and not be too offensive. I am now thinking a sweet Tiffany Blue because, well my name is Tiffany and it is a welcoming color and everyone knows it. It will be a great compliment to the ivory furniture that I have and make me smile, I hope. Here are some pictures that make me think it will work. What do you think? I am also exploring storage options for all my odds and ends. I would LOVE shelving above my desk/table, but the wall is brick and I don’t think we can drill into it. I am not sure and I will keep you updated on that and the renovations, but for now, here are my ideas.. Any thoughts are welcome!

Tiffany Blue Space 1

Tiffany Blue Space 2

Tiffany Space 3

Tiffany Space 4

What do you think? Any ideas? What would you do?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Nine Years Ago

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away named Brooklyn, a boy met a girl and after a load of drama they said “I do.”

I happened to find the CD with some of my wedding proofs on there since ours was the last wedding our AMAZING photographer did on film, imagine that being married that long ago. As a gift she loaded the images onto a CD for us. Just in time for our Anniversary I am sharing them with you. We were very lucky. We had a perfect day filled with joy and love and lots of laughs and great food. I remember every moment of that day like it was yesterday.








There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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It’s About Time


Mouse and Mama Hospital

Many years ago I bought myself a BareFoot Dreams CozyChic Robe and I never looked at another robe again. It is about 8 years later and I think it’s time for a new one. This one has seen better days and years, but I hate to part with it. It’s just so cozy. It has gotten me through illness, mental and physical and it was with me in the hospital when my Princess was born and that is the hardest, trying to part with something that comforted she and I when we just met. Clearly, I won’t save it for her, but I may cut a bit of it for me to remember. I don’t know why, but I think I will. That is only if I get another version of this robe this year for Christmas. I am really feeling the purple and it is so damn comfortable. If I don’t get it, I won’t have a canary, but if I do I may snuggle with my Brown TeddyBear one just a little bit longer…

There’s Beauty in Everyone…


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Deck The Halls

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend was beautiful and your Sunday relaxing. We finally decorated our tree which has been sitting here for two weeks now. She was “delivered” by Daisy our Elf on a Shelf on Black Friday and we have been so busy we haven’t had time to put the ornaments on. So, today we decided to stay in and just dive in. As we were getting the tree ready and bringing the ornaments up, we noticed many of our lights were out. Now, we just got this tree last year, so we immediately got on the phone with Balsam Hill customer service and they were great. They walked us through the “repair” process. Needless to say, part of the tree is still unlit, but it’s not too bad since we were able to turn it around. We will have to replace the section of the tree where the malfunction is in the off season, but for now, I think our tree looks magnificent. Mouse helped decorate and she did a great job with her daddy. I just hand ornaments off, which is fine by me. We are still on the search for the RIGHT tree topper, but for now, the top is bare, much to the Princess’s dismay, but we will surely make a correction for her.

Lovely Ladies

Mr. Chi

pumpkin coach

tree top

Eiffel Tower

Mouse first christmas

Christmas Tree 2014

Hope your decorating is going well! Share photos in the comments, I would love to see how you decorate your house!

There’s Beauty in Everyone!

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Beauty Grab Bag


I am a fan of Boscia beauty products and have been for a very long time now. I mix them with my super organic all natural beauty regimen and I find that their products react well with my skin. During Cyber Week they had an amazing deal, if you spent $75 you got $150 worth of full sized products. So I ordered a facial cleanser, a Bronzing self correcting BB Cream (on sale for $5 normally $38) and an additional self correcting BB cream for my skin on a regular basis. In the grab bag I received an additional BB cream, an additional Bronzing BB cream and two full size moisturizers. I swear they must have looked into my history because I felt that this bag was 100% personalized to my skin and my likes. The fact that I now have two Bronzing BB creams and two additional regular BB cream that I can wear for most of the year was worth the purchase alone, never mind the moisturizers! I was so excited when I opened my box today and saw all of these goodies. I really encourage you to go to their website today. They are offering another promotion with the code HYDRATE and it also has some amazing goodies this time around also. I may make another purchase to keep my stores full.

What are some beauty products that you horde?

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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A New Coat of Paint

It seems like so many years ago that we moved into this house and it has only been seven. Maybe it’s the seven year itch.

This house that was built in 1925 and bought by my Great Grandfather and has only ever been lived in by my family. Where my grandmother sewed clothing for her family. Where my Aunt Mary showed me how to draw the man with the pipe. This house where I moved into after my Godmother passed away and was lucky enough to finally have placed in my name a week before my daughter decided to make her way into this world. My house where I brought my daughter home and it’s the only home she has ever known. I am so very fortunate to have this home and lately we have decided to give our nest a face lift. The first room to be done used to be a living room and is now a playroom for the Princess Mouse to play in. I have to say these plans have been on the table for a while and home improvement is always a mess but we have some amazing guys who came in Saturday and did the most beautiful job painting. There are more details to be added, like a chalkboard and a roll of paper for drawing and painting. For the most part I just wanted to showcase the color and how absolutely HAPPY Mouse and I am. I even think the mister is happy as well. She has been playing more and she seems more content with the color which is a perfect Rapunzel yellow a.k.a. Honey Locust

Left Wall Living Room

Living room couch lights

What sort of home improvement projects are on your horizon? Up next is my office… I am thinking a Mediterranean Blue..

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Sunday Night Spa Night

Mask Prep

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I used to get weekly facials. I also would get weekly massage and I was big on pampering. Then I got married and things slowed down a bit. Then I had a kid, and well.. I has Postpartum Depression and thought I was going insane and forgot about me. So, a few years later, since all the PPD and the reading and the looking at chemicals and how they react with our own physical chemistry, I have pretty much taken chemicals out of my beauty regimen. I have chronically bad skin and it’s oily and just a headache and I try to keep on top of it and it just doesn’t happen all the time. Anyway, I was looking at Wellness Mama and they mentioned Bentonite Clay, so I read up on it and it seemed like something that may help my skin since I have no time for anything much less going to get a facial. I ordered it from Amazon, because well Prime saves the day all the time and bam it came. You can’t mix it in anything other than glass or plastic because metal messes with the Ph and how it pulls the crap from you skin and so I ordered this adorable Japanese face mask mixing kit. I mixed it with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and well it stunk! At first, it fizzed and it reminded me of the baking soda and vinegar volcano everyone made in school for their science experiment but I mixed it into a smooth paste and it was so amazing. I first washed my face and then applied the mask, all of it with the brush making sure not to have it touch the metal part of the brush. I timed myself for twenty minutes and had a nice hair masque. My face pulsed. My skin felt tighter. I almost felt like it was pulling the crap from my skin with each pulse. When I took it off, I used a wash cloth and it felt great. My skin was red for a while, which is normal, but I saw an immediate difference. Things were pulled out, my pores were tighter, did I mention I have HUGE pores, and my skin was BEYOND soft. Now, realize I never show myself without makeup anywhere except the house, so I must love you, my loyal followers to show you the following pictures. Let me know what other awesome beauty rituals you have.


After mask

What do you think? I am SO going to have this in my regular beauty routine. You can do it twice a week and I am so going to schedule the time after the princess goes to bed. A dirt cheap ritual that I can do at home and drink wine with at the same time? Sounds like a plan to me.

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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Green Monday


Ok, so this is a total question.. did anyone get a great sale today online for their Holiday shopping? I am spying Tarte Cosmetics because they have their Friends and Family and I am all about their makeup. It makes my skin look so glowy and it isn’t cakey or anything. I know Ugg had some more markdowns and C. Wonder had 30%. Amazon is also having a 30$ sale on select items.

There’s Beauty in Everyone…

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